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A glint and glare report has been produced as part of the planning submission for the solar farm. The panels are designed to absorb light and not reflect light.

A security fence will be erected around the site but as per the planning conditions, no security lighting will be installed on site. This fence will remain after construction along with the natural hedging.

There will be some construction noise during the construction period. The foundation system for the panel mounting system is usually earth screw or driven type pile (depending on ground conditions). Both techniques involve a small track machine with a ram/screw attached. This machine tracks up and down in rows installing as it goes. ESB and its contractors will endeavour to mitigate noise during the construction program.

The proposed development will have no adverse noise impact on neighbouring houses or local amenities once the site is operational. There is no noise produced by the solar panels and the inverter/transformer cabins may be a source of low-level noise but only when in very close proximity to the units.

The site will be accessed from an existing site entrance on Donaghmore Road (L5022). This entrance is located beside the existing ESB substation. Prior to construction, a traffic management plan will be agreed with Meath County Council.

All large delivery vehicles, such as lorries, will use a pre-established one-way delivery route by travelling towards the site via the M2 Motorway or the R135 Regional Road (the old N2 Dublin Road) as far as the roundabout junction, at Nine Milestone, approximately 1.5km south of Ashbourne. From the roundabout large delivery vehicles will branch off onto the R135 Regional Road heading eastwards towards Dublin for a distance of approximately 1km. Here, deliveries will take a left-hand turn onto the L5022. Vehicles will travel the L5022 local road to the site entrance, a distance of approximately 600m. After consignments have been unloaded, any large delivery vehicle, would again follow the one-way system by taking a right at the site entrance and then continuing to travel the L5022 to a T-junction which emerges on to R125. Here, if required and depending on the route to be travelled, on exiting the L5022 traffic, traffic can turn left and travel the R125 to the roundabout, at Nine Milestone, approximately 1 km from the T junction at the L5022 and on to the required routes. This route already accommodates regular traffic including large sized loads. No road works or remedial works will be required along any section of this route.

Once constructed and operational the only traffic to occur will be for occasional maintenance visits. The impacts of such traffic will be negligible.

Yes, the contractor(s) is/are responsible for providing welfare facilities on site.

The project will arrange communications on this.

The Renewable Electricity Support Scheme (RESS) provides support to renewable electricity projects in Ireland and the Auction supports the Government’s ambition to achieve up to 80% renewable electricity generation by 2030.

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